About merlinux

merlinux is an association of experts which

merlinux offers professional commercial support contracts covering:

  • pytest, a professional mature test framework written in Python.
  • tox, the de-facto standard Python test meta-runner (for use with nose, unittest, pytest).
  • devpi pypi packaging and testing system, a popular and well maintained private pypi server with replication, real-time PyPI mirroring, ldap support, upload access controls, management of test results and staging between multiple indexes.

Professional commercial support means that you get quick response times and can get quick fixes or enhancements important to your business. At the same time you help getting money to respected contributors which in turn helps the Open Source projects to strive and evolve. Organise funding means that we'll reserve some support hours that can be prioritzed by project contributors themselves, allowing them to spend sufficient time with cross-cutting concerns.

merlinux was contracted by the likes of Google, Nokia, Canonical and other larger and smaller companies to fund contributors for enhancing the above projects, among them:

Holger Krekel, Benjamin Peterson, Florian Schulze, Floris Bruynooghe, Armin Rigo, Carl Friedrich Bolz, Maciej Fijalkowski, Markus Zapke, Guido Wesdorp all of which also otherwise majorly contributed to the above projects and successfully concluded commercial requests.

If you have questions or like to inquire about options, please send an email to "holger at merlinux.eu". If you don't hear back within a week please assume your mail got caught in some spam filter and try to reach him through his twitter account or other creative means.